“Mind Mapping Workshop” with Joyce Thomas and Deana McDonagh

Empathic Research Strategists and Design Coaches, Joyce Thomas and Deana McDonagh present an interactive Mind Mapping Workshop. Thomas and McDonagh present this Workshop in front of a select group of small business owners interested in the importance of Shared Language and design collaboration in business development. Whether it comes to designing your products or better understanding your customers, Joyce Thomas and Deana McDonagh's interactive Mind-Mapping Workshop Presentation will help expand your business, personal and empathic horizons.

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SCORE helps Small Business with Web Design through Workshops and Counseling

http://www.scorechicago.org Interview with Mark E Goodman, Becky Davis and Yolanda O'Neal about the challenge of designing a website. This report complements of First Business News http://www.firstbusinessnews.com

Mark notes that SCORE provides both workshops and counseling. Becky discusses the costs and challenges of working with a web designer. Yolanda relates her personal experiences when it comes to creating a web site for her company.

SMALL BUSINESS WORKSHOP – Innovation 101 – Creating New Products and Services | @AmFam®

Learn how to grow your business using the principles of innovation! In this workshop featuring best-selling author, +Darin Eich, entrepreneurs and small business owners will discover powerful techniques for developing – and sharing – innovative ideas to blaze past the competition. Check out https://www.amfambusinessaccelerator.com/ for information and videos from American Family Insurance's Business Accelerator.

Small Business Commercial Finance – Brief Presentation

Small Business Finance Solutions Webinar!
Business Owners – This FREE Webinar Can Get You the CAPITAL Finance You Need!

Business Owners: do you need capital to expand, to cover expense, working capital or investment capital? How about equipment purchase, property purchase? Attend FREE: Small Business Finance & Marketing Workshop ONLINE.

– Business Marketing Solution
– Business Continuation Strategy
– Commercial / Business Finance Solutions for YOUR Business!

Yelp for Small Business Owners!

"Hay There", Friends! I've prepared a video message about a particularly powerful social media platform for small business owners. From dentists to hair salons, restaurants to car dealerships, all small business owners NEED TO KNOW ABOUT is "Yelp"!

Keep yourself in the know by watching this video.

Does your business have a Yelp account? Who is responsible for managing your overall social media presence? Make me accountable for getting social media results for your business by contacting me today!

2015 Small Business Expo Promo Video

Small Business Expo is the largest and most anticipated Business to Business networking event, trade show and conference for business owners and business professionals. We have exhibitors, workshops, speed networking, industry meet ups, "HOW-TO" sessions and an exciting line up of main stage guest celebrity business speakers. For more info, or to exhibit please call (212)404-2345 or visit us online at TheSmallBusinessExpo.com.

The 6 Common Legal Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners, and How to Fix Them

Learn more from EPW Small Business Law at: http://elizabethpottsweinstein.com

Free law class for small business owners from attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein.

On this class, you will learn:

-What simple clauses are missing from your contracts with your clients, customers, vendors, and independent contractors, and an easy fix to make it much less likely you'll get sued.
-Why creating a corporation or LLC doesn't protect you from liability, and what you need instead to keep your personal assets (and business assets) safe.
-How filing trademark applications and registering your copyrights isn't protecting your most valuable assets, especially if you're missing this important strategy.
-How a contract with your assistant isn't enough to make them an independent contractor, and which employment law rules you need to worry about (and it's not just the IRS' rules).
-Why copying forms, contracts, and terms off of other websites isn't protecting you from compliance issues, and what to do instead.
-The most dangerous form of business (and, no, it's *not* a sole proprietorship), and how to keep yourself from forming one accidentally (which can result in huge tax and legal problems!).

5 Prospecting Tips – How to Prospect Small Business Owners

Visit http://www.ccsalespro.com/training for more free resources. In this video I share some prospecting tips from my experiences in the field the last few days. I just started going to a new market and I had to make some adjustments to my merchant services pitch because it is more competitive. I hope you enjoy these short tips!

Let’s Get You Started! on Blogging

Blogging gets you started to content and shares.

Blogs have proven to be an effective tool for building a network marketing business. The key to generating MLM blog traffic is to post useful content frequently and submit your blog to directories, search engines and social bookmarking sites. This article discusses how to generate ongoing MLM blog traffic.

Blogs are excellent for online network marketing.. In network marketing, the key to success is to build and maintain relationships with people who you can help.. The informal nature of blogs makes them easy to read and so the response is also more than what is generated by a normal website. Blogs are easy to produce and their heavy content makes them perfect for getting business. Also, adding new content to a blog is very easy. Network marketers need to communicate with customers and prospects on a regular basis and reviewing and adding new material to a website is often difficult and time-consuming.mind mapping workshop blogBuild Back Links

Blogs appeal to many people due to their simplicity and dynamic nature. Building relationships with prospects and customers and informing them about tools, solutions and products can be done easily through postings on a blog. It is a great way to educate and motivate existing team members

The subject of your MLM blog can be anything that will benefit and educate network marketers and business opportunity seekers.. Posting original articles will increase your MLM blog traffic because you will be adding fresh unique content, that search engines use to deliver higher rankings. Submit your articles to the article directories as soon after posting them to your blog as you can. The search engines will spider your blog first and still credit you for being the original publisher.

If you do not want to post articles to your blog, you could personalize it by talking about your own unique experiences of the product or program that you are promoting, on an ongoing basis. You could also write your own unique review of the program, mentioning both the major benefits and features of the program, and any slight faults inherent in the program for added credibility readers will appreciate your honesty as most so-called reviews are nothing more than hyped-up sales pitches. This will give your blog more credibility, which is an excellent way to increase MLM blog traffic.

Also make sure that you include prominent links to your own unique affiliate links and your other websites and blogs. You could also use a simple resource box with a link to your website at the end of each post.. Talking of which, after every post be sure to notify the various search engines by using ‘ping’ services such as Feed burner, Bolgflux or Pingomatic.

Writing and finding unique content for your blog is critical. It is not all that difficult and when posted frequently and pinged correctly, will result in steady and increase MLM blog traffic. More MLM blog traffic means more people are getting to know and trust you and looking at your websites and primary network marketing business.

IRS Webinar: Small Business Owners Get All the Tax Benefits You Deserve

Small Business Owners: Get All the Tax Benefits You Deserve – Webinar (June 18, 2013)

Find out about allowable IRS tax credits, deductions and more that small business owners may be able to take advantage of.

Webinar Description:

Learn about business expenses and deductions
What is a business depreciation deduction?
Find out which business tax credits are available for your business
Get the latest facts about the American Taxpayer Relief Act
What are the qualifications for the Earned Income Tax Credit?