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My dad’s an alien | Business Car Manager | Blog


Full blog here:

My dad's an alien | Business Car Manager | Business Car Blog

This is a classic and quirky advert from Audi in the US for the new Audi A6. It's clever and witty.

My dad's an alien | Business Car Manager | Blog

I love this ad — 'My dad's an alien'.

My dad's an alien | Business Car Manager | Blog

The quirky dialogue, the world weary look of the child at the baffling antics of her father…and the car!

My dad's an alien | Business Car Manager | Blog

A spaceship is a good way to sum up the Audi A6. It's a huge executive car — much bigger than my predecessor A6 TDIe — providing acres of space inside.

My dad's an alien | Business Car Manager | Blog

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How Chiara Ferragni turned her fashion blog into big business


Ferragni was a fashionable Italian law student with a passion for posting photos of her personal style. Now, she sits atop two companies worth $8 million. Michelle Miller reports on Ferragni’s remarkable success in the fashion industry.

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