Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous Proxy

An anonymous proxy, also referred to as an anonymous proxy server, allows a client to access a file, web page, or some other resources through a server which services the requests of the client through another remote server. For example, when a client accesses a web page through an anonymous proxy, the client talks to the proxy and the proxy talks to the web page, maintaining the privacy of the client, such as his/her IP address. The purpose of such a proxy, or a server, is to protect the privacy of the client from the service and from other individuals who may be logging and inspecting the client’s connection.

Such proxies are commonly used in schools and workspaces, to pass-by potential firewalls and monitoring services in place. Students will often utilize anonymous proxies to access social networking websites deemed and blocked by the school as harming the productivity of the students. Employees of a company may try to circumvent forms of monitoring within a company that may try to track or control which websites its employees are visiting.
Anonymous proxies serve as a wall between the client and the service being accessed. These servers can be used to bypass the restrictions and access these services possibly blocked by the country or some other organization providing the Internet connection, while others may use it solely for the privacy that is possibly guaranteed.
Risks Behind Anonymous Proxies
Because of how anonymous proxies, especially those running on web pages, are designed, all data sent to the proxy servers are unencrypted. Therefore, it is possible that confidential information such as logins and passwords can be recorded by a malicious proxy server. Also, through proxy chaining, some clients could potentially fall as victims to a web page displaying a false security measures, allowing all proxies within these chains to trace the client’s activities. Thus, only trusted anonymous proxies with a clear privacy policy should be used for security sake.

Steps To A Safe, Smooth Running PC

Steps To A Safe, Smooth Running PC

With PC and IT support many small businesses often see costs and not a lot of benefit. However what can cause the biggest problem for a small business buying IT equipment is why. Why this particular PC ? Why a server? What is a server and why should I have one? The benefits are not always obvious to non-technical users. Knowing what advantage the latest technology might have really doesn’t matter if you work out taxes or you worry where your trucks are.
I think there are a number of possible reasons why this happens.
Technical people can appreciate functionality but may not always explain clearly how it can satisfy customer needs.
They can be guilty of not using simple English and pepper conversations with TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) and other IT jargon.
They tend to use IT Speak to explain IT problems they understand as simple, rather than simple English.
So how can we get from IT Speak to Simple English?
IT Speak is its own language. When a language teacher is teaching a beginner class they use a limited range of sentences or expressions to instruct the learners. If they use too many expressions students can get confused and find it harder to understand and learn the language.
IT Speak like any language also has a beginner level and a range of simple expressions that can help users understand and learn.
This is where we need to start. When I was faced with this problem some years ago I recognized it was essential for me to come up with some guidelines to help me talk to users at the right level.
Explain where they are and where the technology will bring them
Work out the basic vocabulary to use
Talk about things the customer can see
Limit talk about things they can’t see, using words like “hard disk”, “memory”, “program” and “network”
Describe all actions in a step by step manner
Show users how to do things
Give them one easy way to perform an action
Encourage any kind of questions – this boosts user confidence in my experience
There is no such thing as a stupid question!
We also need to remember to stand back from the technology. By helping a customer understand the implications or benefits of a technology, trust is easier to establish and build. As a result there is more potential to develop a long-term relationship. It can also be a very rewarding learning experience. Make Your PC Smooth and SAFE!

Thinking Ideas

Origalnative Thinking




To have more creativity, follow this two-step plan:

  1. Further creativity.
  1. Train your mind to be more originative.

Begin on both of this right now, and you are able to experience higher creativity today.

Further your creativity and you’ll increase your creativity. Of course, this is true of most things you want to see more of in your life. Encouragement can work wonders, but how do you further creativity?

Begin by paying attention to it. Our subconscious tends to give us more of what we pay attention to. Ignore the originative aspects of your life, and you’re telling your subconscious that they’re unimportant. Consciously note when you’re originative, and your subconscious brain will begin feeding you more originative ideas. Just look for it and you’ll discover more of it.

You may further creativity by writing your ideas down. Begin keeping an “idea journal.” Do this on a regular basis, and you’ll notice that you often begin having more ideas the moment you begin to write. A passable idea might normally be forgotten, but by writing it down, you might remember it. Then your subconscious may work on it, and might transform into something really originative.

For more creative thinking in your life, begin putting originative ideas into practice. If you paint, paint something altogether different from your common subjects. If you sell homes, try a fresh approach. Even just driving a different route to work to see if it’s quicker may further your creativity. Just acquire your brain working outside of its steady patterns.

Altering your environment can further creativity. For more creativity in your love life, go hike a mountain with your mate. If you write, attempt sitting on a roof to

write. For fresh ideas for your business, take a notebook to the park and sit by the pond. Any alteration of environment may get your brain out of its rut. 

To dramatically expand your creativity, develop originative habits of brain. If you watch a great comedian, you’ll see that she’s trained her brain to look for the “different angle” on daily things. Why not train your brain to do the same?

Begin challenging assumptions, for instance, till it becomes habit. If you’re seeking ways to acquire more buyers, stop and say, “Do I truly need more buyers?” It’s a question that suggests other originative solutions, like discovering ways to make more cash off existing buyers, or ways to cut expenses. It may lead to more profitable ideas. Challenge assumptions is a good way to have more creative thinking in your problem solving. Till next time Cliff!

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