My Bullet Journal Setup: Blog & Business Planning


Watch how I set up my 2016 bullet journal for my blog, business, & personal planning.

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Jenn is a Philadelphia-based illustrator, designer, and creative lifestyle blogger. INFJ. She lives for funky-cute illustration styles and has a passion for typography. Loves: pens, burritos, running.

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How To Start A Profitable Blog Step By Step For Beginners


Learn how to start a blog step by step with WordPress.

This step by step WordPress blog tutorial will explain the difference between a blog and a website and will show you how to create a blog properly so you can ultimately create a blog business and get paid for your passions! Learn how to start a blog and make money through your ideas.. passions.. services!

Small Business Grants & Small Business Loans Workshops in Ontario

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We are Mentor Works Ltd. and we take the mystery out of how Canadian government funding works: The on-line grant application process, eligibility factors, the funding cycle, and more. At our government funding for business workshop you will also learn what the experts know about small business grants and small business loans Ontario support resources, and how to keep it simple!
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Honesty in Business

Honesty in Business

What I want to discuss in this article is the basic idea of honesty.  The internet is a wonderful place to do business, but with the continuous flood of spyware, malware, and spam, it can be a horrible and very frustrating for the average user.  I am amazed, but not surprised, by the unethical practice of businesses using popups and spam to sell a product.  It isn’t surprising because the fact is that those business practices work.  Any of us that have worked in this field for awhile know that traffic is king.
My experience has been one of honest return for honesty when dealing with customers.  Maybe it’s not a quick buck, but I can look at myself in the mirror in the morning and know I did the right thing.  I would rather have a customer for life than a fly by night sale to a customer that I tricked into buying my product.  It isn’t always about the bottom line of making cash.  It should be about service and product value.  Over the past couple of years I have had more business cleaning up computers that have been completely overran with viruses, Trojans, and spam than I’ve done computer builds.  The number one complaint is ‘I just want to be able to use my computer, not worry about viruses and Trojans and updates!!!’  Do I profit from unethical business practices?  Yes I do when I spend an hour cleaning up a computer.  Do I take the time to teach the user?  You bet I do!  I spend an hour to two hours with a client after I do a cleanup or a computer build.  Do I lose money with this practice?  Yes I do, but I gain respect from the customer and that customer will always come back.  Ask my Facebook friends.

The one major challenge with doing business online is that we don’t always get to be face to face with our customers.  Even so, there are ways around this that will bring value to your customer and value in repeat business.  It doesn’t cost that much to call and thank someone for their business.  It doesn’t cost much to send out a thank you card.  I think at times we forget that email isn’t the only way to communicate.  With the prevalence of spam it isn’t always the best way to communicate either.  The internet can be a very impersonal place.  It is ethically challenging to all of us who try to sale a product or business online.  Is there a chance of giving away too much with little return?  That is always a chance we take when we offer advice or tips to a customer.  I can guarantee that over time, the word gets around, and your business will develop a core group of customers who value your service and will tell others.

Being a small business is a challenge in the fast paced retail world of chain stores.  We can’t offer the huge discounts the major chain stores can, but we can offer service value for the product.  I challenge anyone in the IT industry to take that little bit of extra time to teach users the do’s and don’ts of surfing the web.  It will benefit your business and benefit the customer as well. To all be honest in business!
Clifford Petry

Ethics & Leadership in Business Development

Ethics & Leadership in Business Development

In the 25 + years of working with some of the best people in Business Development within the power generation industry, we have found some unique characteristics that separate these individuals from the rest.  It doesn’t seem to matter what organization they work for, or the services, the client base or the economic climate.  We find that these individuals are in fact the top 3% of the professionals in their field.  In addition to learning to think as CEO’s, Presidents, entrepreneurial leaders of Business Development units, we’ve discovered they have acquired the behavioral characteristics of a leader. They have learned how to set strategic and operational objectives in putting together plans, how to be visionaries and see opportunities for their organizations that other individuals may miss, and in the role of Business Development, they have mastered the 12 Core Competencies, a benchmark to measure leaders.
One of the most compelling definitions of a leader is an individual whose mere presence inspires the desire to follow. When asked if leaders are born or bred, the general consensus is that leadership can be taught.  While few of us have had the opportunity to be formally trained or mentored in leadership, all of us are called to be a leader at different times and circumstances in our lives.  Leadership is first about who you are as an individual, not what you do, and the term character best describes the core characteristic of a leader.  It is this part of an individual that inspires other to follow, so we see character as the summation of an individual’s principles and values, core beliefs by which one anchors and measures their behavior in all roles in life.  Principles and values of a positive leader include loyalty, respect, integrity, courage, fairness, honesty, duty, honor and commitment.
If character is the summation of our principles and values, then ethics is the application of them. To understand more about character development, we can reach back nearly 2500 years to the writings of Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics.  Aristotle taught that moral virtue is acquired by practice.  Ethics, according to Aristotle, is moral virtue that comes about as a result of habit. Ethics has as its root ethike, formed by the slight variation of the word ethos (habit). Aristotle explained that moral virtues do not arise in us by nature; we must accept them, embrace them and perfect them by habit. Leadership training emphasizes that understanding leader values and attributes is only the first step in development.  A leader must also embrace values and practice attributes, living them until they become a habit.
In the Business Development role, success requires a fusion of who we are as an individual, along with our principles, values, ethics and their application.  It’s a unique combination of what we know, how we apply it and what we do.
Bill Scheessele is CEO/Founder of MBDi, a Business Development consultancy based in Charlotte, North Carolina. For the past 27 years, MBDi has assisted client firms in leveraging their high level expertise into bottom line business. Information on the company and the MBDi Business Development Process™ access:

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