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Join more than 800 business owners and chamber executives from across the country in Washington D.C. on June 13-15, 2016, to network, hear from business and policy experts, and tell Congress what your business needs to succeed. The action packed event will feature high caliber keynotes, small group breakout sessions, business to business matchmaking workshop, and a variety of other networking opportunities. Learn more at

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“Mind Mapping Workshop” with Joyce Thomas and Deana McDonagh

Empathic Research Strategists and Design Coaches, Joyce Thomas and Deana McDonagh present an interactive Mind Mapping Workshop. Thomas and McDonagh present this Workshop in front of a select group of small business owners interested in the importance of Shared Language and design collaboration in business development. Whether it comes to designing your products or better understanding your customers, Joyce Thomas and Deana McDonagh's interactive Mind-Mapping Workshop Presentation will help expand your business, personal and empathic horizons.

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